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 It is informed that the semiannual "Literature and Interdisciplinary Research" was renamed to the semiannual "Literary Interdisciplinary Research" in 2020-11-25 in the opinion of the esteemed Publications Evaluation Commission.


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Location: Iran, Tehran
Publisher: Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies
Specialty: Interdisciplinary
Journal Credits: Scientific
Journal Language: Bilingual; Persian or English
Release Time: Semiannual
Release Type: Electronic
Arbitration Time: Three to six months
Acceptance rate: 10%

Process of Review: Double-Blind Review

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Semiannual Journal "Literary Interdisciplinary Research" is published under the Creative Commons Certificate International Law. Under this certificate, the journal allows the subscription, matching and assignment of published articles.

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 Ethical policy

The ethical policies of the journal are voluntarily based on the principles of the International Ethics Committee (COPE) as well as the ethical charter of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Authors, reviewers, and editors must adhere to these ethics in collaboration with this journal.




Selection of Ethics of Article Writing:

     The article must be original (not translation, adaptation, etc.).
     Specify each author's contribution.
     References are accurate.
     Quotations should be fully specified.
     The article should be tailor-made in its own field.
     Original sources (reference to works of art and Internet sources not permitted).
     The author has carefully studied the terms of the journal.
     It is permissible to cite the publication by citing the source.


Honorable faculty members, researchers, and scholars are requested to submit journal-related articles through this system.

 Some of the most important issues of the magazine are as follows:

 - Review of researches in the field of Persian literature and other disciplines

 - Publishing valuable articles in the field of literature and interdisciplinary research

 - The relation of literature to disciplines such as linguistics, Arabic language and literature, English language and literature, French language and literature, history, social sciences, philosophy and so on.

 - Pathology of literature research approaches and interdisciplinary studies

 - Research method in literature studies and interdisciplinary research

 Localization of theories related to literature and other disciplines

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 5, Winter and Spring 2021, Pages 1-339 

1. A Study of Rumi's Opinion about Sexual Differences in Masnavi

Pages 1-30

seyed naser jaberi ardakani; Hossien Aliakbari; darya mohit

3. Intertextual reading of Bohtory poems with Iranian history, culture and art

Pages 79-108

Alireza hosseyni; fatemeh zamani; laila sahraiyan

5. Women's Wordstyle in Lullabies

Pages 132-161

Mohammad Smaeel Dehghan Tezerjani; hasan zolfagari

8. Reflective Reading on "Pir Changy" in Time and Recite's Paul Ricoeur

Pages 215-241

Zahra Saberinia; Narges Mohammady Badr; Fateme Kouppa; Farhad Doroodgarian